The Fear U Left Behind

I lay here wanting to cry
naked on the floor
wondering why.

why did you do it?!
what was going through your head
when you slammed me against the bed.

i tried to struggle but you were to strong
you knew what you were doing
you knew it was wrong.

you kept hurting me again and again
when would you stop
please just tell me when.

cold and shivering I'm all alone
scared and used on my own.

i went to my friends and reported the crime it felt like a lifetime.

you told the police that i was just lying to get you out
but underneath they knew that i was right.

so now your in jail and i can be me
but I'll always know you'll soon be free.

even though you're in jail and you can't hurt me anymore you still haunt me in my mind and heart and i hate you for that....
rockerlover rockerlover
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 10, 2012

My sympathies to you......nothing could help heal your scars....but if you want to talk about it and maybe get ugly memories off your chest then I'm hear to are many others

I am sorry for your pain. Check to see if there is a Victims Rights Advocates Office near you. They can help support you thru the judicial<br />
system. Seek therapy, some organizations offer help at low or no<br />
cost. The police may have given you an info pkt. where you can<br />
<br />
get help