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I Was Raped By My Neighbor

I was alone at my house on my bed with her doing Geometry just like she had done for several years. I was wearing a simple pink t-shirt and matching shorts with no socks. I leaned over to ask her a question about a problem then she started smelling my red hair telling me how wonderful my hair smelled. Then she started rubbing my arm telling me how creamy my young skin is.

Just as I was about to tell her to stop, she threw me onto the bed. I was screaming bloody murder. She grabbed both of my arms and put them above me with one arm. And the other she raised my t-shirt and bra. She started sucking and biting my tiny pink nipples.

She was telling me how long she waited for this moment. She then put her hand down my shorts rubbing my *****. She then told me that she couldn't wait to get me down to her dungeon. Just as she was getting going, I heard a noise at the door. It was my dad. He grabbed her off of me and called the police.

Several months later I was taken to the trial and had to testify about what had happened. As I was talking, I looked over to the jury and one guy put a notebook over his pants and he started playing with his ****. Her lawyer claimed that I came onto her and that the whole thing was consensual.

When she testified she claimed mental disease, then she claimed that she was tickling me. Then she finally confessed. She said that she had planned on kidnapping me, taking me to a friends house, torture me and then let her lesbian and Domme girlfriends borrow me and use me.

For the first few years I had terrible nightmares and I even went to see a shrink for a while. But just recently I have had dreams and fantasies about it thinking What If. What if my dad didn't come home. Would I be some woman's slave naked and chained up in a dungeon somewhere?

susanhaynes19 susanhaynes19 18-21, F 44 Responses Apr 7, 2012

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that lady is a bloody b*tch...

It is very well written Susan.

A very frightening experience for you and then having to re-live it in Court must have been very painful.

omg that gave me a huge *****. but im sorry for your experience.

I've been there too. I was the worst thing that had happen to me .. it was my best friend who did it to me but she did a good job in making me wet. I've never saw her again since i move to LA.


Scary and so sexy at the same time. Was your ***** wet when you were telling the story in court?

No I was scarred and terrified at recounting what happened to me and seeing the woman that raped me looking right at me squirming in my seat.

Was she at least pretty with a nice body, or just plain rough!

Really? This written like an erotic piece. I call fake.

dam your dad he might have ruined your life. you could be a sex slave to a dominant hot women. making you lick her sexy hot *** and ***** on command. being used and abused for her kinky pleasure. put in your place were you belong. admit it your ***** gets hot at the thought of loosing control to some kinky hot mistress. making you suck her ****** ***** clean and lick her superior ***.
do it admit it sweety and have your self a wonder ****** and share it with us

you should allowed her

WOW & Holy **** , that had 2 be some experience 2 go through . How old were U then ? Glad U'r safe now !!

I was 14 and a virgin at the time. Thx for reading and replying.

Just hoping that you\'re healing.

Wow that is scary.I am glad your dad came in to save you.There some real crazy people out there doing crazy stuff.
I am also glad you testified against her.What was the outcome of the trial?I am curious what happened to her.

She got 25 years in state prison. I did get a letter from her recently but my mom threw it away without reading it before I got my hands on it. Mom said it was a love letter.

Wow that is crazy.I am glad you did not get kidnapped.One thing I do know people that kidnap and use someone for sex purposes often end up harming the person physically to the point of killing them.The reason I understand is things get out of control and they end up going to far.I am happy you are safe.

Watch out, she might be playing with your mind, she could learn something from the other in prison to make you feel sorry for her.

Wow that is incredible. You would never think something like this could happen, but they can. Thank you for sharing.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

Are you getting therapy? This is something you can't get through without aid.

holy crap. shame sweetheart.

Some of the people responses are just plain sick. I am glad you posted a story about being molested by a woman because it is a two way street. Women are just as capable of doing disgusting things as guys are.

how old were you then?

I was 14 yrs old and a virgin.

what are our dreams and fantasies about? Im very curious

the point here is that males aren't the only ones who molest woman, you just don't hear much about it/. I am glad nothing worse happened

I am truly sorry that you had to experience that. & I'm immensely glad your dad got there before you could be harmed. Those nightmares & daydreams take time to leave, but eventually will go away. I hope today, at least, is a good day.

Terrifying and intriguing at the same time... love your story

That is scary you have to watch out for the men now it's the women what can you do about all the criminal minds out there

Yeah, I had absoultly no idea that she had it in for me or that she would do anything to me like that.

Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your experience, but honestly I'm more appalled at some of these comments.... What the hell is wrong with some of you people asking if she enjoyed getting raped.

Wow!That is horrible..Never tought a girl can do that..Be strong..She is probably mental..Good your dad helped you..x<br />

wow! unbelievable! im so happy that your father came in and supported you through a difficult trial. best of luck moving forward.

scary nut jobs every where

So sorry that it happened to you. Fortunately dad was around at that time.

i was shocked

So sorry to hear this. Did she go to jail?

She got 15 years

do you really think she deserved 15yrs for simply not being able to control her hormones? i dont. i'm glad you did not get hurt, but i dont think sex crimes should involve such harsh sentencing. i bet you were beautiful when you were 14 and i bet many men &amp; women were attracted to you. and who knows, if you had of been open minded you might have been able to have a very pleasurable experience. I am sure she was put under a lot of stress &amp; pressure when she confessed so you cant be sure everything she said was true. i cant image that she really intended on torturing you, if so then that is ****** up, and yea she deserves the time she got. But i have to say i bet that virgin ***** of yours was sweet when you were 14, i bet i could have got it ;)