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Raped By My Best Friend

It started when i was going 14 few months before my birthday me and my best friend were prearering my birthday party when one day we got stuck in his house it was the worser day of my life i can still remember everyting that happened that night .. I was sitting on the bed when he came loser to me and ripped off my t-short start  touching me i would tell him to stop but he wouldn't i tried to run out but he locked the door he started to hit me and slap me around and then took out his ***** nd put it in my mouth i trowed up severel times i cried i didnt know what to do so i started bitting his *****  he started punching me really hard i cried tears pleased him to stop but he wouldn't he ripped off my pants and put it in me i would cry and tell him to stop but he wouldn't he would go harder and harder until he finished .. After he finished he told me not to tell anyone otherways his gone kill me i didnt know what to do then he kicked me out i was full off blood walking home when i got home my parents were sleeping i went in my room and cried all night .. Then after time it would happen more offten his parents left and he stayed in my house,,  after few months i told my mum and she didnt belived me that i only came up with it couse he had a gf ... I couldn't belive that she called me a lier she told me to go in my room and never mention it again so i did so .. Then they moved place so everythink was going well i started going school and meeting up with my friends i would allways stay aways from boys i hated them until i met D.T. He was the most understanding boy i'v ever seen he would allways make me feel good and happy .. But after few months i told him what happened to me and thats why am allways depressed he told me that it wasnt my foult and i should coup on with my life and forget about it i really belived him after a year he really changed ,, Every time he would come up to me he'l be agressive and mean once we were out on our own when he gave me a really hard slap straight in my face and since then it would be even worser he would bit me more often and slag me all the time until i told him that i don't want to see him anymore and thats when he properly knock me and raped me he told me that this is what boyfriend and girlfriend do they have a bad  times and good times in relationship..  It finish when my P.E teacher saw the bruses on my legs and  hand she asked me why do i have them and i just stud there with out saying one word then the principle called the cops and they talked to my parents..  Then my parents asked me what is going on with me and i told them.... D.T got arrested and i still have to coup on with everythink what happened to me am 17 now and every day of my life am tring to forget about evrythink but it doesnt work ........................................................ :( 
kamilademo kamilademo 16-17, F 3 Responses May 2, 2012

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I hope u can put urself together and move on... I'll put u in my prayers.

Yea put am kinda ashame of what happend i feel so dirty its not that easy to tell someone about it and not belive you its really hard .....

oh wow. that's sad that your mom didn't believe you maybe you should talk to a friend or someone who will listen.and believe you?