I found this hard ive read so many storys frm many sites an now I think I can tell my own.

I when out with a friend one nite my boyfriend (whom Im till with) was at a mates house anyway I get really really drunk out clubbin with my friends so she put me in a taxi home, when I get there I then sort of remember my bf anit there an I h8 bein on my own at nite so I to my mums 15 mins away but I walked thou the feiled big mistake I remember walkin an there was a man I keep walkin then before I knew it he had hold of my hair so hard I jst cudnt get free god knows I tryed so hard I was drunk as well anyway he dragged me backwards into the trees an made me lay on my front I was so scared I jst layed there the fight had gne outta me an he came up grabbin my legs movin them apart I jst layed there an then he moved my nickers to one side an ented me I tryed movin forward but he put his hands on my sholders he was there for 20 mins before got up an ran off I remember layin there the ground wet an muddy I got up in the end I nva ran so fast to my mums house an I remember seein her face I had nva been happyer in my life to c my mum I was dryin so much she cudnt work out what had happen but she did my sisters my friend an my boyfriend all got to my mums I screamed if anyones tried to *** near me apart frm my mum but wrost off all its been ova a year an ive not reported it I wish I did so bad as I see him the other day an nuffin I nva knew who it was but will nva forget his face so plz anyone report it nva let them walk free after takin so much frm u hope this helps sumone like me xxxx
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so sorry for the pain this has caused you, god bless you

i understand the night i was raped i was fighting until my body couldnt fight no more . i know the feeling helpless . i reported it to the authorities now he in jail waiting for trail every day it is hard for victims like is but may GOD Bless you . .

really sorry that happened to you. ive reported my rape to the authorities so hope this gives you hope?