He Was My Best Friend

It help to talk about it.
When i was 15, my best friend was 18. We used to do everything together. He taught me how to skateboard and stuff. One night he told me his friends were having a small get together and told me to go with him. We'd been to these things together before, but this night was completely different. When we got there the 'get together' was more like a huge party. Everyone was drunk and stuff. I didn't usually drink, but he, my best friend got me one. After a few drinks he told me he'd take me home. I was a bit tipsy, so i as holding onto his arm. He told me I was too drunk to take home or something like that, so he said we'd crash at his.
When we got there, i was laying on his couch. He came over to and sat on top of me and held my wrist down. I was laughing at first thinking he as messing around. Then he said "Yeah you like it don't you, you dirty ****". I stopped laughing and tried to sit up but he wouldn't let me. He began kissing me and biting my neck. I started shouting at him "get off, this isn't funny anymore".
He wouldn't listen. He started taking off my clothes and his. I tried screaming but nothing came out. I was so scared and shocked. He started raping me. It hurt a lot! I was a virgin. He knew that, and he knew i wanted to save it for someone special.
After he was done, he kissed me gently before he went to his room.
I layed there for a while, crying. I couldn't believe what had happened. I ran home that night. The next day he came to my house and told me if i told anyone he'd kill me. I avoided him then. About two weeks later I decided to confront him i asked him why he did that. He told it was because i was 'beautiful' and then he raped me again.
chicka13 chicka13
22-25, F
May 7, 2012