If a man and you discuss having sex and decide that you will do everything but that and when you are making out he enters you briefly and even though it feels physically good you say no - softly perhaps - but three times still and then he stops and continues with other stuff is it weird to feel confused because a. There is now a different connection triggered by that act - albeit brief b. confused that it happened and resentful because we specified that it wouldnt happen and c. Angry both at myself and this individual. This is the first time that I ever said no and because it was brief I am confused why I have these feelings. Please tell me what you think or if there are forums that I can go to. When I told the man later that I was upset that he "entered" me he told me I was crude and that I made him feel like a rapist. I thought I loved this man and we were friends but I feel angry embarrassed and confused. Thank you for your help :)
Confusedoneperson Confusedoneperson
1 Response May 8, 2012

YOU make him feel like a rapist, huh? That's rich.<br />
I can't pretend to know what you should do or how you should feel about this, but I do know that him accusing YOU of some sort of insensitivity toward HIM in this situation is rather malicious manipulation.