April, 28th.

I was at home. It was about 3 in the afternoon. I was about to go to bed and get some sleep before going to work the nightshift. One of my brothers friends was over at our house. I didnt know why he was there. But i just ignored the fact. I didnt think it was anything unusual. I went to my room and put on pajama pants and a tank top and crawled in bed. a few minutes later He came into my room. I tried asking him nicely to leave, I told him i had to sleep and i coundn't talk and that i was exhausted. I got out of bed to turn my light on and get my phone to text my brother to see where he was. He grabbed my and threw me back on to the bed. i got up and backed away. I told him to leave me alone and get out. I kept pushing him away. he wouldnt stop trying to pull me towards him. he was grabbing my arms trying to hold me down.I kepting trying to push him off of me, i was hitting, kicking, and yelling. I was overpowered. He ripped my shirt and my bra.I tried.. I tried so hard to make it stop. I never stopped trying. I cant even begin to count the number of times i yelled and said no, and stop. I fought him and i didnt win.He was too strong. He raped me. I haven't been able to verbally talk about this to people. Everytime i want to say it to someone, i cant spit it out. Its like i am ashamed that this happened to me. I never wanted to be the victom of rape. But now i am.
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So sorry this happened to you. Something similar happened to me too, and I never talked about it. I never went to the police either. But I just recently started seeing a therapist, they can be a big help. I am being supported and coached on how to express my story verbally. I have been able to get half way through it, which I am proud of. It's not easy, but it is rewarding and brings some hope to moving on.

i am sorry you need to tell the police<br />
<br />
think the word rape is over used this sound mor lie seixalu assult withhis tearing your clothing and stuff

Writing has been the only way for me to get it out. I havent been able to talk to anyone about it and its been eating at me.

Hey "Inkd" I'm not a rape victim, I'm a male.. but I have been taking care of rape victims and helping them get over everything for over 4 years now.. if you ever need anything... let me know and I can help you if your still having troubles..

my heart goes out to you. most of the other stories in this group sound like they are bragging or telling a story, if you think i'm full of it more then 5 members of my family have been taken advantage of, they don't talk about it, ever.