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I was molested when i was 3 yrs old by my mom's friends son Robert who was 12. He told his brother Levi who was around the same age as me to keep watch while playing hide in seek. he took me to his room and touched me in his bunk bed. the next year his brother molested me also. my father molested me first when i was 7. this went on til age 8 then one day my father got me high on meth and raped me this would go on til age 15. he fathered my first child at 13 i gave her up at age 6 months. her name is Maylee Ann Hannah. my father wold use me as a trading tool for meth. i had to **** my dads dealers as a young kid. my father sexually abused me in every sense of the term. he would make me have anal and normal have to give him shames me to even admit it. I hate my self because of it. he beat me from day one. ive used many drugs because of the person who was suppost to be a dad. ive been cutting myself since the 7th grade. ive wanted to die and attempted suicide many times 
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N0 i never did..


Know it was a sick mind that did this to you even though he may have fathered you he was no daddy and I understand the feelings as I was adopted into a family later to find out that I was the family sex toy and that was the reason I was adopted ,from the age of 5 to 17 I was used and abused by my "family".I am here if you need to talk and if you need someone to vent to.