Last Night

Last night was my best friends birthday party . So me And my boyfriend threw it at our house .
All I can remember is his gross friend calling me baby , and sweet heart . I told him he either needs to stop or leave .
Well me and my friend were in the shed , he came threw the door and pushed me down my friend was trying to pull him off me buh he was to big . I was kicking and screaming buh it was to loud inside for anyone to hear . He fourced my friend out and locked the doors then pushed himself inside me . I was helpless I'm only 5'2 and only way 85 pounds . I feel like I cheated on my boyfriend ... And I feel so worthless .
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18-21, F
1 Response May 19, 2012

I wish you had immediately called the police and had him arrested for rape and aggravated assault. You should get some counseling and help.