I Was Raped

It happened nine months ago, during summer vacation, which I spent at my family's summer house. I was there with only my uncle. I have never really been comfortable with girls, making it alot easier to find guy friends, and my best friend is a guy named John. He has a summer house in walking distance from mine, and that is where we met when we were five years old. I have always been a bit scared of John's father, as I know he beats him and that he is a drunk. He has never really said anything to me, and once he shows up at home, he has always ordered John to ask me to leave. There is something about him seeming threatening, though never in a way that has made me think he is dangerous to anyone outside his family - I have never thought he would ever hurt me, for instance. But one night after we had been out skating for six hours, we decided to watch A nightmare before Christmas, and it was 3 am before I started to walk home. The wind was blowing quite heavily, I was cold, and it was difficult to hear anything over the wind. That was when I met John's father on his way home; he had been out drinking at the local pub. He saw me and started to approach me. I didn't really think much about it and started to walk towards him, expecting to exchange a few words about John or the weather before parting. To my great surprise he didn't stop walking, but slammed into me, grabbing my arm with one hand, my hair with the other, and pulling me to the ground while smiling. I screamed and pushed my palm up towards his nose and he cried out in pain, but before I had the chance to do anything else he lay down on top of me using one arm to choke me and one arm to touch his face. I was too scared to scream anymore, solemnly convinced that he would kill me if I put up a fight, and I watched him twist in pain until his nose apparently hurt less, at which point he hit me twice and then removed my underwear. He forced himself on me. And I just wanted it to be over all along - I was cold, nauseous and it really hurt. Afterwards he kicked me, leaving a big black mark and a broken rib, and simply walked away. I stayed outside the whole night and returned home early in the morning. I took a shower and tried to hide bruises and cuts, and I decided to keep quiet. My uncle didn't notice anything. I still haven't told anyone, and I cut all contact with John (I feel really bad about it, but I just can't tell him anything about it, and I can't not tell him either). I am scared.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Your story is very sad and I'm sorry you had to go through this. I believe you made a bad decision by cutting all contact with your friend John you should tell him the truth and also report his dad and tell your uncle. You shouldn't let Johns dad get away with this that man should be thrown in jail.