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Ever since I posted my story on my experience with this, I have recieved messages from individuals wanting me to tell them about my "sexual experience." First of all I do NOT consider what happened to me in any way a "sexual experience." Its not a sexual experience. Its Rape, plain and simple. If i could have stopped it and changed what happened to me i would in a heart beat, because i dont even like knowing, or having the thought in my head that something like that actually happened to me. And second of all, I dont like talking about it!! What makes you, a stranger, so special that im going to tell you all the gruesome details of being raped. Im ******* not going to!!!! Idiot. Like i already said i dont want to think about it. When i do, i try to block out those details. So, when i had already said in my post or comment or what ever that its hard for me to talk about i meant it. And im not going to sit here and pour out all the details so you can get off to, you sick ****. You must have some nerve. I have been asked to talk aout this **** before with people and noted- sometimes, i will feel a little bit better when i do talk about it. But when i do, i know that those people who are asking genuinely want to know what happened to me, and arn't just trying to get something out of it. You think I wrote my story for people like you? I wrote my story for people like me who have been through this before, who can actually help me on some level. People like me who knows what it feels like to have gone through something like this. Just because I have been raped does NOT make me weak. I am not a weak person. I will not give up. I am a fighter. I will fight until i dont have anything left. I am not nieve.
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