After Abuse

then i grow up and i like to be abused by woman and i was looking for any lady with strong personality to domiant me and give me order and i another teacher pick me at the age of 8 years old,,she asked me to go to her home to help me in study then take me to shower me then order me to lick her foot and then all her body and at the end she had complete sxual interecourse with me and order me to go to her home every day .i went to her every day and had sex with her and sometimes bring her girl friend to abused me.other times she brought another boy and order us to have sex and **** each other,she was enjoying to watch us .with years i grow up and i used to obey order and i like and i loved to be submissive
drosamahasn drosamahasn
31-35, M
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Save your B.S. for another group.


when did u start enjoying sex with her?