No More Trust

forgive my yyposlast im postinghitting from my celllast phone.
This happened some time ago. I was teaching high school.
late one night after school i found someone had slashed my tires.
We will call him brad. He happened to be there at the school playin ball.
Im pretty sure he slashed my tires but at the time he was my savior.

I gladly exepted a ride from him but when he drove the opposite ditection of where i told him to go
i got worried. He was a football player snd much bigget than i.
Anyways it was dark out and the parking lot he pulked into wss empty.
He told me how hot i was and how wanted me so bad. Of course i told
him no over and over but it didnt matter. He forced his mouth all over me and within
A few minutes he was forcing me into the back seat.
i screamed and fought but it made little difference. He just kept saying relax you want this.

He forced me onto my back while he straddled on top of me. If u bite it ill hurt you he told me
Before he forced me to do oral. It was so humiliating i can still remember the taste of it and the
sounds he made. He told me i was a **** teasing all my students and i was finally getting what i really wanted.

After he came all over me he firced my jeans and panties off and raped me for another hour in his back seat.
When that was over he pulled out his phone and took pictures of me with his seamen all iver my body and in my hair. He tookk
ine if my vagina and saud if i told anyone he sould show eveeyone the pictures.

I never told anyone and i quit the school. I couldnt face seeing him knowing what
he did to me and that he would probably do it again. I dont trust anyone anymore and no longer teach

That is not the only time i was raped but it was tge worst.

jjoseph7772 jjoseph7772
31-35, F
May 25, 2012