I Was Not Raped, But Here's What I Think Of The Subject

Rape:  forcing someone to have some kind of sexual interaction against their will

Rape is no simple crime.  To rape someone you go beyond being human into the land of monstrosity.  You ***** someone of their simple right to refuse.  You force your will upon them, turning them into little more than an object, something to be used for your own enjoyment.  Their feelings do not matter, their psyche is unimportant, so long as you get what you want.

Rape is a foul act.  There is no excuse.  I am a large guy, I could if I wanted to, but I know it hurts people.  The sex act itself stops being an enjoybale thing for them, because of the rape, it is a horror.  I have seen many friends destroyed in a moment of lust like this.  It is animal lust, and controllable by those who are human.

It's so simple to avoid, too.  You're getting hot and heavy, they say,"No" or "Stop", and you stop everything.  People that claim this was an accident or misunderstanding are simply wrong.

I have had friends who were murderers and thieves, and you know what?  I consider them still human.  Rape is not only physical, but attacks the soul, the psyche.  The damage is irreparable.  No band-aid solves what rape does.

When people talk of the death penalty and say it's inhumane, I agree in this case.  I think the rapist should be publicly impaled, thus being raped back.  I am so sorry that anyone ever experienced this, and I wish I could heal what you've experienced.
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1 Response May 25, 2012

rape is a terrible thing to go through, but those that rape children are the scum of the earth, worse then murder. being sexual abused as a child destroyed my life you don't get over s**t like that. <br />
<br />
nice to hear a guy that understands most don't have a clue.<br />