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Nobody Warned Her (Revised)

This story has been printed in another group
My wife was an only child and her mother died
when she was young so she got a surprise
with her first bf who promptly raped She was16
It happens

Since I wrote this story  I  have been criticized by two women who were raped .
  I realize that my wording  was  wrong  I am not justifying rape  but pointing out that
young girls are very vulnerable , especialy if they do not have a mother to warn them
Maybe it would happen anyway
Sorry if I have offended  rape victims   I did not mean to  Raping a woman
is a terrible thing to do  and she may never recover
I wonder if men realize this

tt also raises the question of how can you warn a young girl effectively
anthony2001 anthony2001 61-65, M 6 Responses Jun 27, 2012

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Wow just wow, warning young women how about teaching men not to take advantage of women and this might surprise you but about 77% of rape is by someone you know, so before it happens they build trust and how are you meant to know how someone is really like before it happens when they have only presented their charming side. My point is not many women who were raped know a man would do that **** I had a mother, She and society taught me the don't walk down alley ways if you see a group of men walking towards you in the street cross to the other side of the road. Don't let a man by you a drink unless you see it being poured by the bartender. Why is it a women's fault not a mans at the end of the day he chose to do it and would have manipulated her into thinking she was safe.

Thanks, very true I have been married many yrs now and cant figure out whether my wife tempted him enough to cause him to rape her She is a real tease and teasers often get raped It is the price of teasing

I agree completely but it seldom seems to happen these days Young men are takers not givers today I think moral values for both sexes have taken a big step back Guess I am old fashioned but I dont believe in unmarried couples living together My wife and I had sex many times before we married and that was a sin but we never lived together This is an intersting discussion

i think its not just about warning the girls the boys also should be raised in manner to respect girls and not to do such things . its called the basics of a good society

An interesting comment , It may represent how men feel, It might represent how some women feel There will be a first time for most young girls Let it happen Hopefully she does not get pregnant

I am asking who warns motherless girls about men Who tells them about sex. The answer is nobody and this is wrong <br />
Sorry if my wording u.pset you It is a tough subject to write about without upsetting someone I read yr story and I am sorry it happened

This is a rape support group...<br />
<br />
You're an *** hole

I am against rape, so are you so what is yr problem?

You weren't raped and your story is asking us about how we felt when we saw an erection? And you don't see the problem with that?

I agree with Taylor.She was raped, I read her story.For one thing Taylor, I'm sooooo sorry. I was almost raped and I'm only 12 :( And you're an idiot, Anthony. Get a life

Really. I wish someone would kick him off EP. And I'm so sorry about what happened to you, but thank you for the supportive words!

I'm 13 and I almost got raped too.. raped and almost got raped might not be the same but they both share a lot.. it's something you will never forget, just hurts. If you need anything talk to me , we are about the same age so we can understand each other better :)

I have rewritten this story It was badly worded I feel sorry for young women who are not informed about possible rape when they go on a date One friend of ours wears a panty girdle on a first dat e

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