I Was **********

I was in highschool i just got out of gym i was hot and sweaty i went into the lockerroom the cheerleaders grabbed me i dont know why i havent done anything to them the take my clothes off then gets rope from a girls bag and tied me up then threw me in the boys locker room and tgen the guys came in and said damn, the tallest guy grabbed the rope nd put me qgainst the wall and pulled his pqnts down and just raped my ***** then the rest jumpped on me took off the ropes put a **** in each hand one in my mouth then another in my *** they rotated every so often and they made me show them the *** on my tounge thn swallow the took pictures videotaped me i feel so violated and never got to loose my virginity to my husband
Storyreader23 Storyreader23
22-25, F
Jun 30, 2012