If You Rape A Prostitute Is It Rape Or Shoplifting?

I've heard this joke so many times. I never liked with when I was younger, but now I hate it. Hearing it makes me want to vomit. Yes, it's rape. And I'm sorry if this story is too long, but there's just so much to say.

After several years of on-and-off homelessness and prostitution, I was back on the streets after the boyfriend I'd been living with kicked me out. I tried so hard not to fall back into the trap of prostitution, but after several months of shoplifting food, I was hungry and desperate. I went to a truck stop that I knew had a gloryhole. I sat there in the stall hating myself, and serviced two men. I was working on the third, and he kept banging against the stall wall and making all sorts of noise. I told him he needed to be quieter, but after a minute he was banging the wall again. Not only was it making noise but his **** get hitting the back of my throat hard and making me gag. I stopped and told him "You need to calm down, man. You can't be this rough." He pulled his **** out of the hole and screamed at me "You don't tell me what to do, *****!" He started pounding on my stall door, and after a few kicks the lock broke and the door swung in.

He was maybe in his 30s, blonde hair. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me out of the stall. He threw me against the wall and tore my shirt open. He grabbed my face and said "I should break your ******* face." I begged him to just let me go and I wouldn't say anything. He said "I ******* paid you. This is a business deal." I tried to break his grasp and run, but he grabbed me around the waist and cupped his hand over my mouth to smother my screams. He wrestled me to the floor and pushed my face into the dirty tile. Then he started to rape me. I cried and screamed, but he would grab my hair and smash my head into the floor, and continued to rape me.

I looked up and could see another man, one with brown hair, standing just outside the door, looking. "Please help me" I begged. My blonde rapist looked up and said "Come on, Cody" and the brunette walked in, and I could tell that he was going to join. I felt like I was going to throw up, to know that another man would see this and join. The blonde stopped, and flipped me over. He held my arms down while the brunette man raped me. I was crying and the blonde man said "Don't worry, he'll pay too." The brunette man raped me until he finished, then he asked the blonde man "How do you want her?" The blonde said "Turn her over." During this whole time they kept giving each other compliments on how good or hard they were doing it. When the blonde was finished he threw another few twenties at me and said "This is for Cody" and they both just left.

I wandered around after that, bought some food but couldn't eat, and ended up trying to kill myself. Someone apparently found me and cut down my noose, and I woke up in the hospital. I was placed in a homeless shelter, and eventually put in affordable housing and they placed me in a job as a motel maid. I reconnected with one of my college professors and we started seeing each other about eight months ago.

My rape happened about a year ago.  I knew girls who had been raped by johns and went to the police. The cops usually laughed at her and told her that it would be impossible to prove she was raped. I've only heard of a few cases where they even pursued a case, and rarely ever is anything ever done about it. One girl even told me that when she reported her rape, a cop had told her that joke and laughed about it. And there are so many stories about cops raping hookers, I don't trust the cops in the slightest. The would probably have charged me for being a hooker.

Only recently have I told anyone about it. I told my boyfriend, who has been extremely understanding, since I'm completely celibate. I got a little bit of counseling and I talked about my rape, but I don't know if that will help. I don't know if anything can.
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OK, I personnally think that rape is rape is rape, whoever you force to have sex with you, particularly if it is rough and violent. I say this because there are numerous borderline cases where no violence is present, and where the girl (usually) «consents» to be ****** out of mercy or just to calm her man down - all women know it and although it's a form of rape it isn't violent. Rape is a crime. Whether you rape a young virgin, a working girl, or a grandma. It is the will of a man to satisfy their balls by emptying them inside an unwilling partner, male or female. Claiming it has nothing to do with sex is idiotic. Of course it's sexual. otherwise you'd rape with your fists, your feet or your nose. You rape with your ****. You empty your balls. That's want you want: the tight fit of a reluctant **** or a bleeding rectum around your ****. It's self-centered crime where you use the other as a piece of meat, a scumbag, a trash can, and whether you pay or not is irrelevant. Counselling helps but what helps most is having around you supportive people who understand, although nobody will really understand what a woman feels when her **** is painful and full of unwanted ****, and her face on the tiles of a bathroom floor. Just as nobody will ever really know what it feels to be the target of a murderer and lie wounded on the grass in some backwoods thinking you'll die. Rapists should be castrated, their precious balls should pay the price, but who will do it? Proving rape, especially if you're a down-an-out working girl, is near impossible, and the procedure long and very costly. Maybe female posses of castrators should start roaming cities at night and clipping balls, just as posses in the old west took care of murderers. It might make some rapists think twice...I was just wondering if you now have a boyfriend, or not? and what kind of work are you into now? You were lucky, among other things, not to have a major STD or AIDS...

I'm glad you've managed to get a little counselling for this, I can't even imagine how horrible it must sit as a memory: and I greatly admire your courage for being able to talk about it here.<br />
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Parenthetically I'm also appalled by american police and how brutal & callous they are towards sex workers - in both my home country & in the UK when I was there, the police ran units specifically to address assaults and rapes on sex workers, to try and avoid this sort of hideous scenario.

Counseling, or any therapy, takes time, and no specific results can be guaranteed. If you keep at it though, though, I'm pretty sure that you can find a greater level of happiness. It seems to me that it was not just the rape, but a lot more earlier stuff, too, that stole you joy of life from you, and you do deserve to have it back.<br />
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Lots of luck, sweetie; I wish you every success and happiness.

((((GIANT HUG))))<br />
This is what I think, although it's hard to keep it in mind...<br />
I was born to have sex be a wonderful, nourishing, joyful experience.<br />
Because I was assaulted, I lost that. I deserve it back.<br />
So do you.

this is the sad truth. people think prostitutes do not deserve any respect just because they are selling their body... i would like to say it is we who forced them one way or the other to sell their bodies. they do it because of hunger they might have a family to feed. just once imagine what she might have suffered to be forced into this business. she deserves our respect, in the very same way as a so called Financial Adviser or a CEO of a company does.<br />
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wish you all the luck in life. god bless :)

You are so Courageous for sharing your story. <br />
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I've heard lots of rape jokes over the years and i just grit my teeth and try to cool the external gauge of rage inside of me. Not to mention the way the word has made its way into casual conversation these days "man i just got RAPED by that car dealer" "******* that video just brutally raped me"<br />
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And, still with all the normal "casual" use of the word rape, if i were to tell a co-worker, or even a close friend i was raped as a child, and repeatedly by my (ex) Boyfriend, and again by a close friend... I would be doing the socially awkward thing, not them.

Yup :(