I Was Raped

Sixteen years ago when I was 17, I was raped.
It was August 1996, the first week of the month. It was during the week and I was out with a group of friends from college and a few people I didnt know. I only had a couple of drinks, I've never been a heavy drinker.
It was about 10 when I left to go home. Three of the men who were there, they weren't from college, they were friends of friends and all in their twenties.
There was no one around and before I new what was happening, they dragged me into the back of a car.
One drove, while the other two got in the back with me, holding me still. They molested me, while their friend drove. One of them put his hand up my skirt and raped me with his fingers.
They took me to a deserted carpark. Thet dragged me out of the car and bent me over the hood of the car. Two held me down, while the third lifted up my skirt and ripped my knickers off. He entered me. When he finished raping me, another took his place. When he was finished with me, the third man took his turn. They all used condoms, so should I be grateful for that!?
They let me go then, now they'd finished with me.
Because I left the pub at the same time as them, I couldn't prove that I didn't go willing with them. They didn't leave any bruises on me, except on my soul. They got away with it.
I survived, although it still haunts me now. Since then I've had relationships, with both men and women, some successful, some not. I always kept myself back, living with someone, but keeping myself seperate.
I find it difficult to trust people, especially men. But I'm still here.
I survived.
KC1979 KC1979
31-35, F
Aug 1, 2012