I Should Have

i was seventeen. raped by someone i knew. now all i think about is sex and i love to have plenty of it. my husband doesnt know about it and so he often tells me am a sex addict. sex addict or not, i dont think this is normal behaviour for someone whos been raped, i just cant help the way i feel. i think its because i never told anyone what happened so i never had any type of help and i was an emotional wreck for months after. i never spoke to anyone about it.i wish i could tell my husband and have his support cause i need him to know so he would understand how i feel. i just keep my feelings bottled up inside me, and uptil this day it still affect me. i get emotional for everything. i cry all the time, i am a mess. it is very hard for me to be faithful to my husband, but i try because i love him, but i feel llike i always have to have other men in my life. i dont know if it is security or attention i need from them, but i need them. all in all, i wish i had told someone and gotten help, then today i would not be so ****** up. my advice, get counselling dont be ashamed or think what would people think of you.
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

My advice would be to talk to a counsellor about what has happened to you. Then you could tell you husband about it. It will continue to eat you up inside without help. My best wishes for you.