Ultimate Violation, I Orgasmed During My Rape

This happened to me a couple of years ago. Feeling violated afterwards doesnt come close to explaining it.
Has it changed me? In every way. You dont get over things like this. Especially when the violation goes that extra mile and makes your body respond. I cant say it was "multiple". But one is definitely enough when your not asking for it.

I dont think I'll ever get my head around it properly, or the rest of me.
sarajgriffiths sarajgriffiths
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How did it happen?

did your rapist know you had an ******

I have the same experience. Hating the fact that my body had multiple ******* the times I was raped. I wish it didn't happen...

Me too. The ****** made me push my hips back up at him (both times - I was raped on two different occasions by two different guys). Totally embarrassing, but the ******* were the most intense I ever had. No choice but to accept it.

Im sorry to hear that Susy =(

Hon - don't be to hard on yourself. Its not unknown and certainly can never be taken to mean anything. Our bodies react - men who are raped can and do get erections That does not make it any less rape that if they did not- same for you. It has be be mind blowingly hard to deal with and I don't for a second think that my words or indeed any one elses words will help the emotional and mental trauma that you going throught.

It is actually pretty common to ****** during rape...oddly enough, for men too. It's because adrenalin bears a strong chemical resemblance to sex hormones, and because nerve endings are made to respond. It's still not your fault, It DOES NOT mean you wanted it.

I note that it made me feel like both a puppet and like the lowest thing on earth.