Too Younge To Know

well its been a very long time and no body know about my story not even my mom or dad its been 7 yrs now when it finally stop......

i was i beleave 8 yrs old when it all started i didnt know what was happening all they told me is that its normal to do it its not our fault its our parents dont blame yourself or us well i beleaved it of couse they were my older brothers of couse i beleaved them i never thought they would do something like that. but i was only 8 when it first started my parents had left me in care of them they had to leave and see tamales or tacos too the ppl of the feilds to support us.

it started one afternoon one of my brothers walked in when i was takeing a shower and he said wow sis ur sure gotten bigger and i said really.. yea can i touch it and i said yea he started touching me and it felt weird never had i felt like that he told me u look and feel good to.. i was very uncomforable and told him can u get out i want to finish taking a shower he said come to the liveing room when ur done. after i was done i went to the liveing room and both my older brothers were naked and hard they were very big and i got scared and i asked them what was going on. my older brother said lay down if u dont do what we say we will hurt i layed down they told me to open my legs and i did as i was told my other brother richard (not real name) got between my legs and kissed my vigina it felt so weird he did that untill my other brother john said let me taste after both were done richard open my lips and said she a virgen....of course i was a virgin i was 8...he got up and got between my legs and put his penis head in it hurt so bad it made me cry he was very big for me. he pushed so hard because i was very tight he ****** me so hard for about 5 mins untill he came inside of me. i was in so much older brother john clean up his *** with a rage and then he put is penis in as well he ****** me slow at first then fast.. grabbing my breast and slaming so hard i could feel him all the way to my stomach....after they were done they said dont tell know one or we will hurt you even more its not our faults it our parents there never home so from now on you will give it too us when ever we ask for it....months go by they would **** me almost every day it didnt hurt as much as it did first couple of weeks but after a whale i started to not hurt....when i turned 14 i remember like it was yesterday they said you know ur old enoght to try new things so they said get ontop of richard and ride him i could feel his penis touch my curvix now but when i was rideing him john got behind me and slowly put his penis in my anus that hurt so much but after awhile the pain went away. i could beleave both my brothers were ******* me at the same time.....i was 15 and i was tired that they were doing this to me i didnt i told them one day when they were comeing in my room....if yaw keep doing this to me ima tell mom and dad i dont care if yaw hit me ima tell them so leave me alone.....i was so happy for the first time i really feell so 22 now and married my husband doesnt know my story and i dont plan on telling him i just know now that im the happiest woman i can be my husband treats me so good and i love him dearly

thank you....
joli90 joli90
22-25, F
Sep 25, 2012