8 Years Old Girl Rape By Her 11 Years Old Sister

It was hours after my 8 birthday. My sister came in the bath room. I was getting out of the tub. My sister said she want to give me a new gift. I said ok. She kiss me on the lips she had never kiss me like this. I ask her what she was doing. She said get me ready for my gift. She undress down to her panties. She ask me to laid on the floor. I said ok and laid down. She rub my breast and ***** she push her finger deep in to my ***** it hurt so much. She was not stop finger my *****. Then she ask me to lick her *****. She said like this and she lick my *****. I said no she put her ***** in my face and said for me to lick it. I did it made me sick. Then she push a brush into my *****. I was in tears. She said tell mother she was kill me. She help me dress and help me to my room I was sore all night. She got in bed with me. Both of us was naked when mom walk in to the room. I want to tell what happen but I did not. This happen ever night until I tune 16. Most the time she used her finger but some time she was used any thing that was go in me. I know I had orgams during this time. My 16 birthday morning my sister came in to my room. She got undress and sat on the bed. By now my breast was much bigger then her. She told me she was sorry for hurt me.
tammyannmay tammyannmay
31-35, F
Oct 12, 2012