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The Next Door Neighbour .

He was my dads best friend, neighbour. Like a brother i guess.

His house was a dump newspapers, old food, benchtops that had never been wiped. His bedroom still had his ex wifes belongings scattered everywhere from make up to clothes to jewelry after 15years of divorce.

First i went over there because he had horses and a cool peppercorn tree i could climb then i felt sorry for him and attempted to clean his house.

He told me about sex and how two people use each other to climax.. i was 13 and didnt need to hear that.

I still stupidly went there he bought me alcohol one christmas i was drunk as. They tasted good so i drank them all. Thats when i woke up cut up in a rose bush..

I stumbled home climbed in bed. Woke up sore and bleeding. I was raped. Its 7 years later. He still lives there. Has tea with my parents went to my grandparents funeral like nothing happened.. ive blocked out alot i dont remember much it went on a few times when he knew dad wasnt home. I dont blame myself. I guess **** happens..
sleepingforever sleepingforever 22-25, F 5 Responses Nov 25, 2012

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You should have told your parents and even now

No thanks.

If you have the strength it is not too late to report it to police ... **** does happen but I would take revenge ... get him drunk and cut his balls off!

Meh no point

It may make you feel better about it and forget it somewhat although something traumatic like that is difficult to forget. I am sorry it happened so many men are outright bastards.

Sounds like he is an ******* and should be punished. I am sorry he raped you and that you were not able to report it. But remember it was not your fault that he's a worthless POS and don't let yourself take the blame as though you did something wrong, you did not.

so sorry that u had to go thru that

That's terrible... I am so sorry