I Was Raped

For my Biiiiirthdayyyy me and some friends went out and we bumped into our old classmates after the club we all met up at a friend's house where we sat outside in our cars and talked we had all had something to drink, then one of my classmates started coming on to me I told him no bc he had a girlfriend we eventually went into his car and got into the backseat and had sex. But it didnt stop there we stayed in contact and a week later we had sex again. We stayed in contact after that and a month later we met up again and this is when he raped me. He picked me and we went to his home. We went into the room with his cousins for a few minutes then into a bedroom where he started to kiss me. Then he pulled into this closet room and started to undress me I said no bc his cousins were right across the hall but he wouldn't stop. I struggled and he pulled me to the ground. Then I asked him to show more the condom but he wouldn't. He said he had one tho. I kept asking but he never showed he began oral sex and I complied but when he tried to penetrate me I told him to put the condom on and he wouldn't. I said no, in not on birth control and he said "im not gone nutt in u" I even put my hand down there but he pushed his way in. I asked him to get one from his cousin but he wouldn't stop just told me to shutup and put his hand around my neck. It hurt when he entred me I wasn't even wett we had sex twice before but this Time just felt different it felt wrong. He laid on his back and expected me to get on top. I didnt say a word I just grabbed my clothes and hurried to put them on. Then he started getting dressed. I was in shock he looked at me and said "why you look confused?" "u mad at me?" I just shrugged my shoulders and shook my head I literally could not speak. I remember just standing by the door just wanting to get the hell out of there. Wondering if his parents had heard anything hoping they had not. We got in his car and he took me home. I remember him asking for a hug when I got out the car.. The nerve of him. I looked at him and slammed the door. I didnt talk to him for a couple days after then I finally text him and said o u take advantage of a girl then dont talk to her he replied nal u know me better than that. I couldnt stomach talking to him that was last time we talked and its been 17 weeks since my rape. Im a different person now I think about him and what he did to me everyday.
JailiLoves JailiLoves
Nov 27, 2012