Who Can Relate?

When I was raped I couldnt react. It was like I put all my emotions on a back burner. When I finally let them out I was an emotional wreck. I sometimes had sudden urges to cry during the day. I cried every night. I thought about it all throughout the day but on the outside I acted as if I was fine. I used weed as an escape so I wouldn't have to think about it I let a guy I hardly even knew use me. I had flashbacks the first time I had one I didnt know what was happening. Then for about two weeks it was like I forgot about it.. I wasnt consumed with the thoughts but then they came back but now im not emotional more like emotionless I feel numb in a way. I dont like leaving my room and im going through social withdrawal. Can anyone relate?
JailiLoves JailiLoves
Nov 28, 2012