He Was Supposed To Be My Freind

ive been thinking for a while about telling someone about what happened but kept puttinjg it off but this needs to be done. It happened when i was in sixth grade i remember hating every minute of it but i didnt know what to do i felt like he had some sort of power over me. it feels good to finally tell somebody this has been eating away at me for years. he destoryed some years of my life but not anymore that ****** ******* i would kick his ******* *** if i ever saw him again. it feels really good to finnaly vent though. He took out his **** and told me to suck it i remeber my stomcack starting to hurt and i wanted to run away but he had some sort of power over me. I know it may sound weird about the power part but i really didnt want anything to do with it and i hated every minute. It was awful.
johnsmith453 johnsmith453
Dec 3, 2012