I Can't Stop Thinking About It

I was drunk and so vulnerable.He took me up to my room and sexually assaulted me. I'm still not sure how far it went, but I feel like I deserved it. And I reported it to the police a few days later but they NEVER did anything about it. Also, I have drank some since then but usually with CLOSE FRIENDS I KNOW I CAN TRUST. However, with my stupidity I've been caught twice more. Once, they just took me to the police station. The other time, I got put in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. I haven't drank since then. But apparently, at my school, if you have 3 alcohol related incidents, you get suspended. I never even got caught drinking the first time, all I did was report a ******* crime. An attack that happened to me. And they didn't have any/enough evidence other than what I had to say and they just never did anything. And I don't think it's fair that I could be punished for that.
monkeybutt1993 monkeybutt1993
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

i reported a creep who got me drunk and the police couldnt press charges. i know how it feels to be invisible, but so painstakingly visible at the same time.