Sexually Assaulted At A New Years Eve Party

I dislike the period coming up as it is a reminder of the time and event when I was sexually assaulted by a male who was a member of a church group that I was invited to their church and then to their New Years Eve Party on 31/12/1995 and a male who had befriended me abused my trust by sexually assaulting me for a number of hours; my belongings including money were locked in the house where the party was held.I got the energy up to get his hands off of me to be able to get up and walk back to where the party was when I got back there were no people left and I tried to open the door but no luck:( he was getting impatient and angry requesting I get in the pool with him, which I did as I was young and naive at the time he attempted to S.A me again by putting his hands inside my vagina to which I again told him to stop as when he tried to when Wei was told by him to lay on the grass: He was a lot older than me at the time of the S.A

Due to no money I had to go to where he lived (had to catch a train to his area) till later on New Years Day (01/01/1996) where he sat in front of me while I called to speak to my parents (i believe it was my Dad)

I didn't get help at the time as girls I went to school with told me that someone from the church told them that if I reported the incident to police then the church would deny the whole incident!
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my rapist was a churchgoer too.doesnt mean its right.

Coralray, sorry that you went through an experience like i mine! And;

Thank you for validating what I thought!