Warning: Rant

So I got caught drinking spring semester my Freshmen year. And then again fall semester this year. However, there was the guy that raped me last year during fall semester and alcohol was involved. They told me I had to write out the truth of everything that happened and it wouldn't be counted against me. And now, they are counting a ************* rape against me just because there was alcohol involved. They are also claiming I recanted, which I NEVER ******* did. I ******* hate that college so much. They're all twats. And I'm suspended for like 2 semesters. They're all full of ****. And this is just so stupid! UGH.
monkeybutt1993 monkeybutt1993
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

What a ****** school.
Can you transfer?

It'd be really difficult. Plus, I love my friends there. I just don't know anymore.