Would You Consider This Rape?

Well, I've never shared this with anyone yet but thought this would be a good place to share this.

Now I am curious as if you would consider this rape or not? If not, what would it be then? Here it is:

This occurred when I was about the age of 15 or 16. Already at this age, I started to occasionally drink at my friend's houses and parties that they did while their parents weren't home. Majority of them were my age but a few that were older. Well this one evening, my friend Anthony calls me

Anthony: "Hey."
Me: "What's up?"
Anthony: "Are you coming to Basia's house tonight?"
Me: "Yes, I plan on it but I don't have a ride, could you and Stephanie pick me up?"
Anthony: "Yea, for sure. Probably around 6:30PM"
Me: "Okay, cool! Thanks!"

So the day went on, I played some soccer outside with several other friends from the neighborhood. Around 5:00PM, I went back home just to shower and change. As my parents saw I was getting dressed to go out, my mother asked:

Mom: "Are you going somewhere?"
Me: "Yea, I'm going to Basia's house with Anthony" I say to her as I am reading a text message from Anthony informing me that they are five minutes away.
Mom: "Okay, what time will you be home?"
Me: "Probably around midnight, okay?"
Mom: "Okay, be safe honey"

Then just a few minutes after I put my shoes on, Anthony calls me:

Anthony: "Hey, we are pulling up, come out."
Me: "Okay, be outside in a sec."

So I get in the car and we just talk and joke throughout the car ride to Basia's house. About 15 minutes later, we arrive at the house we were heading to and majority of the people were already gathering around the backyard. Everyone was slowly just drinking a beer or a drink, and that's how Anthony and I started but not too long after, just me and him started drinking shots heavily. We typically didn't do that, but we did that night and probably 12 or 14 shots in, I blacked out and then lose my memory. I was still awake and have some flashbacks of the night but apparently around 10:30PM, I passed out, just fell on the floor and was out. No one could wake me up, so they threw me in a bathtub and I awake to being soaked in very cold water! This was a definite wake up and it slightly sobered me up. Basia took some of her brother's clothes and gave them to me so I can changed but I was still very drunk and passed out again.

Well the night was almost ending, and they couldn't wake me up again but they also didn't want to take me home in this condition since I was not waking up so they called my other friend who was about 22 at the time. They called him and asked him if he could pick me up and take me to his house to spend the night because they are not able to take me home and that I am passed out. So the next thing I remember was about 30 seconds, I woke up in his car and saw him and we were driving. He said:

Peter: "Hey, you okay?"
Me: "I'm ****** up, wow, I don't remember ****."
Peter: "Yea, you are, I'm taking you to my house, your parents can't see you like this. I already called them and told them you are okay."
Me: "Okay." I said and then dozed off again. 

I don't even remember walking into his house or where I laid down but I found out as I woke up to a great feeling in my crotch area. At first, I was confused but it only took my about 10 seconds to realize what was happening. His mouth was around my ****, he was giving me my first ever blow job. I was still a virgin. I was confused and didn't know what to do, so I didn't do anything, pretended like I was still sleeping and let him suck my ****. He was sucking it very slowly and I could feel him moving his tongue in his mouth licking the head of my ****. He also put my entire **** in his mouth and then licked my from the bottom of my shaft to the top. He then took his hand, rubbed my balls for about 30 seconds and then grabbed my **** and stroked it a few times. And then he went back to sucking my ****. It was such a great feeling. I probably woke up because I was reaching my ****** and it didn't take much longer before I finally came in his mouth. I remember the feeling being so intense that i tightened my legs and came until I was all out. Then he took my **** out of his mouth, I could hear him swallow. He must've seen that my **** was still oozing *** just a bit more so he gave about two licks and then put the head of my **** back in his mouth and sucked on it like sipping from a straw trying to get the very last bit. 

After this, I passed back out again and I do not think that he knew that I was awake since I just pretended to lay there still as if I was sleeping. I am straight and not gay nor bi-sexual and I definitely did not do this free-willingly, but it happened and I didn't know how to react in the moment, although it felt great. The next day, he drove me home and that is pretty much it. 

So, back to my question, would you consider this rape? If not, what is it then?
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This is rape. He took advantage of you. This also happens to women.