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Every Night

I keep dreaming about the sequence of events that lead up to my rape. As I lay in the strong arms of my boyfriend I feel safe...but the thoughts and nightmares are never far away. After it happened I moved far with the man of my dreams, so it irks me that at night when I should be sleeping soundly my mind is invaded by the imagery of the night ill never forget...not only did my rapist invade my physical space and take a piece of my being with him, but even now, he haunts me.
thejewelrybox1 thejewelrybox1 18-21, F 4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

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You will make it. Your strength is showing in what you write.

Thank you I'm doing better.

I experience something similar. I too moved far away from the city where I was raped, yet no matter how far I am or how positive my environment may be, I still experience nightmares and flashbacks. It was a terrifying experience and it is something my mind cannot forget at this time. I find that it helps to remind myself that our dreams/nightmares are not a choice. I simply wish you, myself, and anyone else who is reading this peace and freedom from nightmares. Thank you for sharing your experience. -Sophia

Thank you...I hope it goes away of at least they subside.


Don't feel guilty for being bothered by what happened, it will all be okay. Maybe it is just your way of coping, totally normal. :)

Thanks for your support I appreciate it alot!

It haunts us all... but all will be okay.

Thank you. I felt guilty for still being bothered by it.