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Ghost Rape

I know it sounds Crazy but I think I am completely sane. Of course is that not what all crazy people say?

I will try to explain and you can make your own decision. How can you prove a ghost raped someone or the ghost did not rape someone. My ghost seemed to be more a cloud of humanoid shaped mist than an actual person. I do not use drugs and I drink very little. I can not pass it off as being under the influence.

I have a female friend who claims the house in which she lives is suppose to be haunted. Years ago a young man was killed in the house while having sex with the owners wife.  The husband arrived home unexpectedly, caught them and killed the man with a single pistol shot to the back of his head. That is the story anyway. My friend or her Parents have not been bothered by the Ghost that haunts the house but they have heard strange noises and thought it was just the house settling. Wood frame houses will some times do that. I love the house, an old two story sort of Victorian house.

The first time my Friend invited me to spend the night with her and her family, I was very excited. That night was when I first heard the story of the ghost. Sally and I had sat up late and she told me about the ghost. In the wee hours of the morning, I went to my room and prepared for bed. The bed was big with soft down comforter and mattress. I felt so relaxed as I settled in to get some sleep.

I awoke a short time later, felt as though someone was in bed with me. My legs were spread, I felt as though I could not move and it felt as though someone or something was inside of me. What ever it was felt cold, even the part that was inside. It felt as though someone was humping on me. I know, I have done it often enough and began at an early age.  The strange part other than sex, was I could not move or say anything. I felt paralyzed and the entity seemed to hump me for a very long time. He or it was not small, appeared in the form of a mist, hovering over my body. The part inside, while cold, felt large. Maybe he took so long to *** because he was dead and so the feelings in his **** were dulled by that.  But get done he did and just sort of disintegrated. I lay there, my legs spread, my vagina felt as though it had been well used, the house very quite except for some creaking.

I did not scream or do anything rash. I was not sure it was not a dream or nightmare depending on how you want to look at it. I put my hand down to cover the access to my vulva. It felt cold but dry, no *** leaking from me. A bit numb from the chill.

I did get up, checked the hallway, nothing, just quite. I thought I had experienced a bad dream, well not all bad. I mean I was not having an ****** but felt I was close to it.  I got back in bed and had a fitful nights sleep. Next morning at breakfast, I was asked if I had slept well and when I responded not well, the explanation was 'The Ghost'.  No one had ever experienced anything but me. Kind of a standing joke.

Later I pressed Sally for more information about the Ghost. The defense of the Husband was he had caught the man raping his wife and killing him was a matter of honor. The husband had been acquitted of the murder, The house sold, the people left, the house changed hands several times.

I felt raped so maybe the husband had been correct. His wife had backed him up in that but why would a rapist need his victim to be entirely naked before sex? I still spend some nights with my friend and even though I have used other bedrooms, the same thing happens again and again. Maybe it is a combination of the old house, the Ghost Story, the alleged rape that gives me bad dreams.

I can't say it is not different. And I could spread my legs in my sleep, I do it often enough while awake. I suppose I could just be getting near the ****** but the ghost was shot before he could climax into her or in this case me.

I really hope a Ghost can not Impregnate a live person.
juneisverykinky juneisverykinky 18-21, F 14 Responses Jan 9, 2013

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Probably not but a couple days earlier I felt like someone was making out with me but no one was there.

This is called sleep paralysis, people. it's just a hallucination. research sleep paralysis and hallucinations also succubus and incubus.nor ghost rape.

Ghost rape is real I've researched it.

Ghost rape only happens if a person in the house calls spirits.

you probably got ruffy'd by the father or some other male in the house and he came in the room to have sex with you and thats why you couldn't move or speak out , maybe the family knows of this and thats why they keep asking you back there cause you haven't complained about it yet or reported it to anyone and it sounds like you may be getting closer to having an ****** , ghosts can not rape you , they are not real in human form , they may move an object to rape you with or hit you with it , but they themselves have no solid form to them .

I think I would be able to tell the difference between a live male and spirit. Did you ever see the Movie "The Entity"?

Hi, I know this happened a little while ago, but, I have had this experience too. What you have experienced is sleep paralysis, accompanied by an hallucination.

So basically you are saying I imagined it all, multiple times.

Did u like the feeling? Also but some video cameras to see if it is true. 5+ Rate Up :)

Yes and no. I did like the feelings, very gentle and I did ******. I have not tried filming it since a spirit only seems to show up in the Series Ghost Hunters. It also does not happen in my residence and I doubt if my friends family would want Ghost Hunters in their house looking for a Spirit rapist.

I've had it happen to me also he was violent I couldn't move I didn't see him as a figure but when he got off me I saw a orbe flutter out of the room he came the night before at the same time but I just saw his arm and thought I was dreaming I woke up saying lords my savor you can not have me! But the next night he did. My grandfather at the same time had full figure at his home a man , that happen twice to him who knows if there was a connection it was to this day the strangest and scariest experience of my life.. And can't explain it ,if it didn't happen two nights in a roll and the hauntings at my grandfathers I would of just blew it off as a dream!!!

Have not yet figured out how to add someone that prevents someone not in their cirlce from adding them. I didot awake saying the lords prayer but did have the curious idea of maybe fnding out why. Have not yet found out why?

I am not sure it is a dream but not sure it is reality either. When I awake I feel like someone or some thing has been there, basically I feel as though it has been used but a bit cold.

what you are describing is not crazy I have experienced similar in dreams

I had a dream, Jennifer Beal and Jennifer Alba both violated the hell out of me and promised to have my love child. It was a very intense dream and I loved it...but neither of those ******* have ever returned my phone calls. I am thinking they are keeping my love child for themselves. What do you think?

Jennifer Alba or Jessica Alba? I try not to think about females very often.

I sometimes have such intense dreams, they are hard to separate from reality....

Very hot story I hope you have more stories to share.

how old were you?

Was around 14 at that time. have any more "ghost stories" like this one to post?

hi have u ever dreamed of rape while u at home or just at ur friends house u seemed 2 enjoy it

It only happens at my friends house! I seldom dream of sex at home. But I have had dreams of sex but it was with someone I knew. Not sure if real or not so not sure if I enjoy it. Think I may but.......

WTF goes on at "your friend's house"?

What ever it is, apparently does not happen very often. I have not said anything but I sometimes wonder if it has happened to my friend? Afraid to bring up the subject since they may want to put me in a looney bin rather than at their house.

Could be right I may enjoy it. Also maybe he could bring a spirit lesbain friend and we could have a *********. yeah, I agree. The loony bin it is.

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