I'm A Male And Unfortunately I Was Raped:-(.

It’s very sad and disheartening that Robin knows that the Court, police, court mediator, and public officials will believe anything she says. During some time of my relationship with Robin Wilcox, Today she is married and her name is Robin Gonzalez, I never thought she would be an evil/witch spirited in her heart and soul as I never inflicted any physical or verbal abuse as my heart and soul is all of peace, love, justice, and gratitude.
Our initial encounter began in 205 from an online encounter and we continued communication through e-mail and then led to a phone call and communication. Today, from looking back to those day she was a predator/predecessor looking to get what she had/constructed in her mind to get in her way of life. I know that it does not only happen to kids: My name is Gustavo and I’m fory only years old. In our world there are too many evil and deceiving people who are out to get what they want (ulterior motive).
God bless,
Gustavo Ceja
Gus101 Gus101
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Could you please explain how you were raped? I need to know in case I end up in that situation….