I Told Someone And They Called Me An Attention Seeker

its hard to write this ,
i was 14 and my best friend wanted me to meet this guy
, so i went over to his house and she stayed with her boyfriend and left me alone with him ,
he offered me a drink and i took it
i dint think it would make me pass out
within minutes i felt dizzy and i collapsed on his bed , when i woke up he was naked and so was I
i dont remember anything , i lost my virginity that way
i was talking to this guy i liked and i started to open up about my life in the middle of a fight , he was one out of the three people i told
and i trusted him
he doesnt believe me.
but ive moved on , im glad i have
lucytaiatu lucytaiatu
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013