Is It Possible To Forget A Rape?

I was in my late teens when a young man came to the front door of my childhood home. I knew who he was. An intelligent and kind man. A bit shy and insecure. He wanted to talk to me so we went outside for a walk.

He asked me if I could forgive him .. He was bothered by it so much. I was surprised and had to ask him for what. It turned out he (as he believed) had raped me in a changing room by the swimming pool.

I do have some memories of an assault by a small group of teens in the swimming pool as well as in these changing rooms. I could draw the bikini I was wearing that day. But I do not remember he was there too. Nor do I remember it came to rape. At all.

I forgave him very easily. In my mind there was nothing there to forgive him for. He was very, very positive it was me he raped ..

Is it possible I totally forgot about this?

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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

No, it is not....

Few do

And it will affect how you feel and act towards others so you may need to talk about it.

it is still there and it may come back some day to bite you for no reason it all comes rushing foreward
right now the mind has the feeling and thought of what happened blocked as a form of protection

will cause PTSD very much

o know i have lived thougt it on both parts my wife was raped at 11 years old but kids that lived near her and i was raped at 5 years old by a church baby sitter that took care of children with some speicial issues

for us it made making love a lot hard we we grew up with each other but i was told of the incident and we worked thought it

We had a great 6 year with each other before lost her life,
but she did run into the boys who raped her one day at a high school swim meet, and they could never rape another girl when my wife got done with the leader and some other girls from our group got done with them.

They made the mistake of ask her if need more and was that why she was at their school.