Today Was Hard

I have been avoiding his whole existence since it happened over four years ago. You know, for obvious reasons.  He terrorized me for an entire summer.  After manipulating and grooming me since I was very very young.  After awhile, he moved his cowardly *** all the way across the country and my life improved an awful lot.  

He took it upon himself to send me a message today as if nothing ever happened saying he's back around now and wants to "hang out with me" before he leaves again.  And maybe he'll "just stay around here forever".  

**** YOU

Hello ******* endless panic attack I can't come down from.  Yep, I see getting really screwed up in my near future.  Better than feeling homocidal, right?
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Save that message.
You still have 10 years from the time you turned 18 to prosecute in most states.
(if you're in the US, if in Canada or the UK you have NO statute of limitations).
He just admitted he has a connection to you.
Corroborating evidence.
Maybe if he keeps sending stuff he'll entrap himself, you know?

Oh, go ahead and feel homicidal, just don't act on it. He needs to go to jail, not you.

I would never act on it.