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When i was 16 i moved to a new school in a new state, a month in and i still didn't have any friends. One day during lunch break i was in the toilets when 2 guys came in, they raped me in the toilet stall for over 20 minutes. I have gotten over it and realized it was out of my control and thankful i didn't get pregnant or any disease
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no big deal, my neighbor high school guy "raped" me 3-4 times in one year when i was 5. i should not say rape cuz he was very gentle and told me play a fun game, i totally did not know what he was doing...<br />
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then 1 year later, other 2 guys "raped" me, one is teen and the other is 20s solider in different time and place. i dont know why they always target on me, maybe because i was tall, look like about 10, but still... <br />
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my conclusion is Men are ******* beasts. thanks for the education, i learnt that every since i was a little kid.

I was also raped and sexually abused all my lfe that what it kept me going to be grown up and having alot of unseucessfull relationships due to the fear of raped i was raped 4 times 2 when i was in mexico as a child and 3 in USA one was 3 yrsa go by a doctor and well iw as sexually abused in school all my life and that kept me from being a healthy 26 yrs old girl. i am finally going to a support group with women who were rape dand sexually abused and well im getting married next august and my fiance mentioned that group hes a phsycology major and well he told me to go to a support group to take away my fears.

dont vory god is with u

You are very brave and very well balanced to deal with it the way tha you have.<br />
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Fear not, God will catch up to them.

I really admire you.

i am glad that you are so brave and strong. these men should be slaughtered for doing something like this, that too in a school. i am very happy that you have recovered and i hope that wherever the boys are now, they are suffering.

If I had been there they would have finding pieces of these guys scattered all over kingdom come!Apparantly guys like that have no respect at all for themselves or anyone else.Or they would not do such things.Im glad you healed.Many never do completely.

Respect, sister. I'm glad to hear you managed to deal with the experience.

seriously, if you send me their names ive gotta guy who can take care of them.<br />
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how old were these guys, this is probably one of the most chilling stories ive ever read. to think that someone could do something like this in a school.

my heart goes out to you and other young girls that this has happened too.As a father of a daughter that i worship. I can't imagine what i would have done to them. but you are a very brave, and strong person

I wish I was going to your school at the time and you told me. I would have cut there balls out and filled the sack with salt and sown it back up.