Raped By A Family Member

If someone asked me a list of impossible things that could never happen to me One of my family members raping me would have been at the top. To have them prey on me and plot out how to do it....to mask evil ****** thoughts with a fradualent grin. I was 17 when this happened my first blood cousin was 31 and by me being young and green to the fact that he was a predatorial rapist Iguess I was an easy target. All I wanted was to be loved by my family but little did I know he dosent see family, friends, children he saw victims for his sickness. A simple invitation of drinking and reminiscing turned out to be a plot to get me alone in a vulnerable and weak time so I could be betrayed and hurt to my core just tooken against my will by my own blood family. To have someone just do you like your worthless to feel so out of control of your own body to have the person look you in the face as they steal your innocence..to feel your self die inside because you feel so alone is the worst feeling in the world. To have them laugh after and say don't tell because I am going to do it again will fill like a thousands demons are tearing at your soul...Having to constantly ask your self why did they do this why...why haven't I been through enough...sometimes I just want to die because to know this person is steal walking around free because I waited to long to say something. How could I be so stupid to fall for their devilish plot even if we do share the same blood. I blame myself for trusting my cousin I just want to kill him for what he did to me and has done to others...but he's doesn't deserve to die instead he deserve to be brutally tortured for life
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my uncle did the same to me, i was scared no one would believe me and now 4 years later i came clean about it. told my entire family exposed the monster for what he really is. once i did that a few hours later his son called me mom(his sister) crying tell her he was a victim to and the last time my uncle raped him was the night before. we are going thou the who court issues now. trail starts on the 22nd of this month. we can only hope that coming out with these secrets will save someone else.

If you never report it, nothing ever happens....

Statute of limitations for rape is 7 years in most states. It would be hard to actually get him convicted unless he's also raped other family members.
...It's somewhat likely he has. :(