I was walking home from school and I saw these men further up in the road. I thought I'd just walk past them as I got closer they blocked my way. It was an very empty and quite place so no one went there but I thought I'd take a short cut home, bad idea. They slammed to the floor and started to get very close. I tried to get up but there was no point, they were men in around their 30s and I was only 13! Two of the held me while the third ripped of my trousers and my shirt, they started to rub their self against me and one of them opened by bra from the back and they started to squeeze my nipples, it hurt so bad. But I was up for much more pain than that! They took of my underwear and one of them put his penis in my vagina! The other two were sucking at my boobs and when I told them to stop they punched me in my stomach. As they were continuing to rape me someone was talking from far away. They quickly got up and ran away. And left me lying there...
Malwaz2013 Malwaz2013
26-30, F
Apr 27, 2013