My roommate was asked to watch her friends dogs over a long weekend. I'm not much on dogs but I agreed. Bull and Star are part Chow and part Lab. She was at work late and I was home alone with the dogs. I went to shower and when I came out they were waiting. I mean growling and snarling. What the Hell, I thought is going on. Bull pounced on me suddenly ripping my towel off. Star jumped on me and I lost my balance then Bull's help knocked me down. I was getting worried now. They both began growling and snapping at my face. I tried getting up (made it to my hands and knees), mistake. Bull was in my rear licking my vagina and I froze. Can this be happening
G, I thought. Star was still in my face creating fear in me and Bull continued orally raping me. I couldn't believe my body reacted to this and I climaxed. When my juices flowed it was on for Bull. He licked so hard and fast I couldn't believe what was happening. Bull came in front of me and his 9" red sheath was hanging out. Oh ****, I thought. This can't be happening. He went behind me and tried mounting me. His thing painfully jabbed into my thigh and rear end. What happened next is like a fog. I guess with the fear of both dogs s snarling, nipping and pawing me I began slowly giving up my fight. The oral stimulation also effected my thinking, I believe. I finally began saying nice dog things to calm them down but it didn't work. Finally I realized I wasn't getting out of this and I was going to be raped by a dog. Wow! Who would have thought. I took a deep breath, looked back between my (32C) breasts and slowly spread my knees. Bull continued humping me and finally he hit. Uughghmmpppf, uughmmpp, uumm do and uuhmfff I heard myself grunt. He went in about an inch or two pulled out then hit again. His time was for real. Deep grunts escaped me as he shoved into me full depth. His thrusting pushed me across the floor. It felt like forty penetrations in sixty seconds. I honestly don't know how many though. I could feel his ***** begin to flow as he swelled up inside me. Suddenly he began jetting his warm ***** into my belly. Uugh, uughmm and uughgh I groaned as he shot his load. He remained locked to me for about 8 minutes. By now Star was getting ready for me as well. My female instinct told me to just accept another rape. These were males dominating a female. My head was now shoved into a corner and I had nowhere to go. Star mounted me and entered me with ease. Suddenly he pulled out but when he hurts again his penis targeted my anus. Oh God no I thought. This can't happen. The pain of him pushing his shaft into my anus was unbearable. Uughgh, uughmmpp and uughmmp I groaned as his shaft slowly entered me. My head bounced against the wall as he thrust into me. Luckily his ***** made my penetration a little easier even though it was still painful. By now I'm on the verge of exhaustion. Pplleease let this end I thought. Finally they both did their hung and laid down. I filled the tub and soaked for a long time. I never told my roommate becouse I think she wouldn't believe me. I mean, how often does a girl get raped by a dog. Literally.
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Did it feel good? Just asking

How are you doing? Did you get any help.

I'm ok. Luckily no damage done.

What do you mean by no damage done, are we talking physical or psychological or both?

No physical damage. My mind reminds me of it whenever I want to have sex. I still don't understand why it happened. In the news, you hear of family pets turning on owners, children and total strangers. If it's a pet and used to humans, how can tamed animals turn. Others say that no matter how trained, they are still animals. I'm doing my best to move on.

I hope you move on, and yes, animals are animals no matter how trained they are.

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Though this is sad but you still enjoyed it.So just forget it!

I couldn't stop my body from reacting to the stimulation and fear. Once he had my scent it was on. Out of exhaustion and fear my mind and body submitted. I didn't want it but something took over forcing me to spread my knees and accept my rape. It's unexplainable.

Ouch? Friends?

Ouch is right. If I didn't experience it i probably wouldn't believe it. Those dogs just dominated me.

Dogs can act out when they are in heat. I had a dog I adopted and was playing with him at home. Some might say my rape was my fault. I was dressed in my sleep shirt, playing with him on the floor and he got a whiff of my female part. I pushed him away but he quickly came back. I pushed again and he copped an attitude and began growling and snapping. At the time I only had him two weeks. I tried getting up and made it to my hands and knees when he mounted me. My body froze in fear and within a second or two his sheath poked into my vagina. He's trying to breed me I thought. I twisted and he clawed hard on my back and nipped my neck. I again froze. Like the other person said, it's like a female knows when to submit to a male and I realized I didn't know this dog that well and I better let him have me. I spread my knees wide and waited. He poked my leg several times hen it was like Wow. His tool rammed into me at least 7". I bucked and lowered my shoulders and he entered me again. This time he stayed and rapidly thrust into my vagina. I've heard stories about this but never thought it could happen. Soon I felt his ***** flowing into me. He stayed locked to me for several minutes then laid down. I'm thinking of getting rid of him now.

In a dog's world it was natural and I guess when the world had cave men it was natural but girls can now say no. They took me, that's for sure.

This so sad, my guess is that those Dog have been taught to do that and probable regularly but the problem is that Dogs do not know the difference between consent and rape. Sorry this happened to you, I don't ever know what to say to you but you should have reported the Dogs to the Police and should still tell your roommate, you do not want another unsuspecting woman to go through the same ordeal. Please tell someone and get some help for yourself Please.

Really ?