Lesbian Rape

This is another time I was a victim of lesbian gang raped I was only 21 and I was walking home at night from a gay bar I use to hangout at hopeing id find that special girl for me. On my way home I saw this group of shady looking people this so I cut through the park where it was more well lit. Suddenly I felt multiple arms force me into a near by restroom I was beaten my clothes cut off me as they pined me down I was cring so much I was about to throw up it was horrible they ******** and took turns doing all sort of unmentionable things to me I was cursed at hit violated and abused I uncontious for the last part of what they did but I awoke and my clothes were gone and I gingerly walked out still in pain to see the sun was starting to rise I was forced to quickly walk home naked and I never went there again to me women are worse than men because of this I now self harm I wake up from nightmares To find myself slacked in sweat and I sometimes starve myself this one I don't think I can get over
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2 Responses Aug 27, 2013

I have a great appreciation for your sharing your truth with such sincerity. It is such a brave and courageous thing to do and I am pleased that you are willing to share your experience, which will in turn encourage others to do the same.

I experienced a physical violation of my boundaries and am now strong enough to say that the shame is theirs to carry, not mine. If you ever need support, you know where I am. N x

I am sorry to know you went through such a debilitating pain and torture, i hope you will seek some professional therapy to help you deal with that traumatic experience. Those women were so evil. Be strong, i am here to listen, babe. *hugs*