My Boyfriend Made Them Rape Me

As I shared on another place, I was in a very abusive relation.

The one thing I will never forgive him is that in a club we used to go to... He told a couple of guys that I liked rapedplay... and that they coul 'have' me the next saturday...

That saturday we where in the club, I went to the toilett.. when I came out, someone grabbed me from behind and blindfoldet me... I never new who did it...I know there where at least 4 guys. My boyfriend was proud of it later on... I didn't dare to say him how I had felt...

I still hate him for this!

linda linda
26-30, F
7 Responses Jul 16, 2007

He is a pig you should have kicked him in the balls and find 4 gay guys to do that to him So sorry that happen to you (((hug)))

thats ****** up

Wow! What is wrong with u people! Rape is not cool or right that her boyfriend has the right to do! I hope things workout for u!

why did you let it happen im sure you will know if other person **** is in your ***** why you never stop them and shout?well alot of things or reason by those time but i hope you finally think what best for you and now have a better life not with this bf of yours otherwise one day you will end up just like a ***** and he will pimp?

if one is in a club where all kind of sex related things happen and someone tells you that a girl is into rape play, it is easy to think that her screaming is part of the game.. to be honest, I do not even blame these guys, I do blame my ex though

damn thats really bad and i hope you have a good safe life this days?

did you give him lots of head afterwards? as long as you continue to serve him and give him bjs and stuff everything will be fine.

nice outlook =)

No change of pressing charges... it was a club where things happened. No chance to show that this was unwanted

oh my god... this makes me want to cry. you didnt press charges or anything??