I'm Scared.

it was a friday night, i was at the mall. alone, which was a huge mistake. i went to go get a book from the book store since, reading was always a hobby of mine.

i was thirteen at the time. i broke up with my boyfriend, who would treated me so sweet. that was when i saw he was making out with another girl. he loved me, and still loves me. even when i broke up with him, he would never forget about me. but now, i have a different boyfriend, who really knows and taught me what true love is.

as i am in the mall, i sit on a bench and read the book. people walk by, a stare or two. but nothing big. i notice my ex boyfriend came up to me, and i knew he was up to no good.

i say what are you doing here? and he pulls me in a corner. literally drags me into a corner where no person could see us. right then and there. in a mall, does not care whatsoever if people are there and rapes me.

he pushed me up against the wall, feeling me all up and everywhere. his hips are pushing against my body and i can't even try to let go. he would not let go of me. i tried to yell for help but, he told me if i did, i'd die in any moment. i've never been so close to a guy, physically, ever like that before.

and now, when i am with my current boyfriend, if i am ever close to him like that, i freak out and have major flashbacks. i just wish he would stop. stop finding a way to always get back to me somehow. in my dreams, flashbacks, or anything.

my ex boyfriend does not understand what loving a girl means. if you love a girl that much, don't abuse her. it is the wrong thing to do. express your feelings by telling her you love her but not raping her.

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I'm truly sorry about your ex and how some people can be so terrible. I know how it feels to be haunted in every waking moment by someone. if you ever need to talk im here for you

Not your fault,alot of girls go to the mall alone<3 I hope your doing ok and told someone!

JCOM, you're an idiot. Learn how to say no? Right, you're part of that insensitive male demographic who believes "learning to say no" is a lesson for all ***** and rape victims to learn, isn't it? And if she was dressing like a **** she must have been asking for it.<br />
Anyways.<br />
<br />
Hey girl! I'm sorry to hear about what you went through, and hope you're doing alright now.