By An Exboyfriend

It was 1995. I had broken up with a boyfriend of 5 years. Then went to Toronto to spend christmas with my dad's family. When I got back I was at a friend's house when he came over at 3am screaming and yelling that I had ruined his life. I went with him because some of the neighbours threatened to call the police. I remember that I looked at him when I was pinned down and said "no matter how many times I say NO you are still going to do this aren't you?" When he said yes I locked myself up into a small part of my mind.

After it was done he cried and said that he only did it to win me back then got angry and said "oh so now this is considered rape... how many times I didn't want to but you made me... that isn't rape!" I left at that time.

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I have a feeling that I'm stronger and better off because of this experience. It was horrible and I took a long time working through it. Though I'm happy that I and sadly many around me are able to benefit from my experience.

Oh nakibean - I am so sorry. I know what it feels like to wish you could have known what the person was capable PRIOR to falling in love with them, etc. *HUGS*

oh my!!

*blush* Thank you! *smiles*

I'm so sorry you had to experience that, sweetie. You are an amazing and inspiring person.

Me too... and happy that I got so much good out of such an awful event!

I knew that from before breaking up with him. Too bad I didn't see the type of person he was before going with him.