I have had one rape experience when my mother was raping me between the age or 12-14. As surprising as it may seem I had no idea what was going on. My parents had some troubles in their marriage so i shared a room with my mother, me sleeping on a bed on the floor. and my dad having another room. She would make me do all kind of stuff. almost every thing there is to do. She was very well educated and was a teacher so she would get home some ancient books from her university about Kama Sutra with kids. I would often resist and try to back of. she would spank me with her hand so hard & for so long that I could no longer walk or even feel any thing from bellow my belt line. and then she would forcefully feed me some Viagra that she bought, she held me down and raped me, it wasn't just that she even participated in me giving her ANAL and ORAL SEX. it didn't stop there she even tried to have sex with me whenever i woke up with an erection. She very well knew it was rape but ofter completely ignored it and acted at it was consensual, I often went along with it because if i didn't she would spank me. She would even show up at my school after hours and have sex with me sometimes in the class, toilet or the closet. (many people may think that this is arousing. but you haven't been beaten so bad on your A** so hard that you can't feel your own god dam legs. The nightly terror. that you know she is going to force-feed you a Viagra so that she can have sex with her own f*cking son. that is sick) I finally got the courage to tell my dad about this he divorced her and submitted an application with my name and a tape of me telling them every thing she had done. the court granted a divorce with no alimony. she didn't go to prison because I refused to face her in court personally. It has been some years since this. I still go for therapy. still a little scared. every time I see an online add for a **** web-sight I can't sleep all night. I am not sure if I can ever fall in love and fully trust anyone. And please dont make any inappropriate comments. I am really fragile.
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Omg. I'm sorry. Horrible of her to do it. Stay strong man. Thank god it didn't prolong longer and she no longer lives with you.

I am so sorry you went through this. My heart goes out to you. As a mother myself and have been rapped, this is so sickening to hear. Prayers said for you. Hope you can get through this with strength and courage.