What Can I Say?

 I was 17 yrs old and at my grad party from high school. I had too much to drink and woke up in a field with this guy raping me essentially. It's been six years since that happened and I deal with things a step at a time. I feel like things have really changed for me and gotten a lot better. Really my reason for writing this now is that when I was being raped a really awful girl I went to high school with saw this happening and didn't do anything/laughed about it - and now she's added me to f*cebook and I'm freaking out slightly. I have a life that has moved beyond the experience of the rape and I don't want her anywhere near it! I'm so angry at her, which is kind of funny because for the most part I've forgiven him. I just want her nowhere near my life. I think part of the reason for that is because she saw something so awful and something that I don't want people to know about and she's the kind of person who will tell everyone that we ever knew. Ugh. Sorry - I just needed to get that out to people who would understand. Thanks for listening.

Inadoor Inadoor
2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I envy your strength! stay strong!

Anyone that makes light of the terrible thing that happened to you, is not worth knowing. And, not worth your respect for them too. Which translates to let them say / know what they want, they do not matter.