when i was 12 i started hanging around with the older gang trying to be cool. One day a boy he was about 15 or 16 said he had some weed and did i want to go for a smoke with him and his mates. I agreed as i wanted to be cool like i thought they where. We went back to a house with about 5 boys all around 15 or 16 and started to get high. Sometime later his brother came home with his friends.

There was about 6 of them and they where so tall and cool we all smoked weed and it was fun. Adam the older brother gave me a pill and said to swallow it so i did. He said it was ecstacy and it would make me feel amazing in about 20 minutes i started feeling amazing he said it would be better if i was naked and i just assumed he was telling the truth so i got undressed. I stood there in front of these boys naked feeling amazing and said why arent you naked its amazing. Adam and his friends where laughing and said to his younger brother we better take her upstairs to bed you guys stay here.

Adam and his five friends took me upstairs to a bedroom and told me to lie down on the bed with my legs open i did and to be honest it felt amazing. One of the other lads started to rub my vagina and told me to close my eyes i did and i had this amazing feeling within about 20 seconds id never came before but i had and i loved it. They said i need to be ****** but i said no id never done it and they where to old anyway. They just laughed and adam got his **** out i was amazed id seen a **** before but it was about 3 or 4 inches adams was longer than my forearm i dont know why but i grabbed it and stroked it he said he was 11 inches and he would make me feel amazing. His friend said he better break me in first adam agreed i said no but they laughed again and got some socks and tied me to the bed i said no ive never even been fingered please dont. Adam tied a sock round my head so it was in my mouth. It was all very weird because i felt really good but didnt want to be raped. Adam said to his friend to ruin me and his friend mounted me placed his **** onto my belly wich went past my belly button then rammed it into me in one thrust. I felt my vagina rip and the pain was excruciateing i screamed but couldnt make much sound due to the sock. He started to thrust in and out so fast while adam and the others cheered on and laughed. The pain was so bad i passed out when i woke up another guy was on me ******* me but it felt good he said finally shes awake lol you have been out for an hour Adams been waiting for you to wake. Then he ****** me hard and fast but it was so good i came again and liquid came out of my vagina wen i came it was so good then he said he was going to fill me up and started to come i screamed no in a muffled hum because of the sock but he did anyway. Adam came over and said now r you ready for me i said not but he jumped on me and rammed in me and i came instantly but it hurt so much i started to cry as he ****** me harder and harder until his entire **** was in me i looked down and there was blood everywhere but he didnt care he said i was the tightest he had. I could feel him ripping through my cervix and penetrating my womb but i couldnt move.

When he had finished he said you love my daddy **** dont you i just nobbed for some reason he smiled and said ok then and flipped me over. I was still tied so my arms ang legs where twisted before i could roll over he had rammed into my *** i screamed so loud and hard but he punched me hard in the ribs and i couldnt breath i could just feel his gint **** ripping into my *** and hurting me more than ever he ****** my *** for about an hout then his mates took turns. He wasnt his brother he was his dad he was 49 years old and his friends where all old to but i felt good from the pill so was confused i went back every weekend for 2 years i thought it was normal. He even got me to let him sell me to men and they would get more and more violent. I even had to **** his son whenever he wanted he would come upto me in school when i was with my mates and say his gf wasnt around and he needed a hole to fill so id just let him **** me in the bushes. My mate used to say why do you do that and id say i liked it. I got a boyfriend and was with him one day when i had to **** adams son but he made my boyfriend watch and made him measure his **** to his and laughed coz it was half the size. I am 29 now and i know i was raped but i still think about how amazing it was and even have arranged rapes for myself where i get kidnapped and rapped by tons of guys. I think this is because im dmaged by the rape.
lucyann1985 lucyann1985
31-35, F
Aug 20, 2014