At a Party

 I have been raped by four men total. I have already told the story about my step dad. Another time I was at a party. When I was 16 i used to party a lot. I would have sex with lots of guys. Mostly I would just do oral with them. At this one party I met this guy. He was a lot older than me but I'm not sure how old. So we started making out then we went to my friends room. We started having sex. Then he wanted to do it doggie style which was fine. But then he tried putting it in my butt. I told him I don't do that but he wouldn't stop. He pushed until it went in. It hurt a lot. I was crying and asking him to stop. He kept saying "I'm almost there". After awhile he finished. He got dressed and acted like it was no big deal. I didn't think it was rape at the time cause I was willing to have sex with him. I know better now. I never saw him again.

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4 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Your fault Hun. Don't deny that.

sometimes if you also wanted to try and experience somethings you think crazy and it would not possible but you never know some men have different mind and just anyone if horny enough he could do all things impossible just to get lay?i just hope you dont really wanted to happen otherwise if you just look around and you cannot say no to anyone because you like it at the end and want it too.

I'm so sorry. No means no, there shouldn't be any question about that.

That was a terrible act! No means NO. Anyone who can't respect that deserves to be punished. I hope you will not have anything like that happen ever again. I love being kinky and playing, but everyone should respect boundaries. My feelings could be shown to that guy in about 5 minutes with a baseball bat! Sounds crude and mean, but I believe he should have the same thing done to him. Best wishes in the future....just know that there are still some decent guys out there...he is not one of them.