Raped By My Brother

i was also raped, but by my own brother, he told me that it was my fault and that i was asking for it, this went on for years until he moved out

i never told my mom and one day she found out and she tried to kill herself

this was many years ago and i guess i have never completely gotten over it and i have no relatioship with my brother at all

peachessss peachessss
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My God what a tragedy. I wouldn't even know how to ever forgive him. God Bless you peachesss

Goodness in the key to life..... just live on. But if one day you ever see him again and he talks to you, I say rip his balls and **** out and stick it in the mouth, or even better stick it in his ***. But just live on and focus on other things and be happy with the small things you have currently in your life.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord, I say bull ****! Knock his horny *** out, take him to the woods, pull his pants around his ankles, tie him bent over a stump & give him a deer scent enema, set up your camera for years of family fun. Leave him there long enough for the bucks to establish ownership of his new *****. Nobody could blame you, after all it's not your fault he's a deer *****. Make sure you have plenty of popcorn.

Lol...I like your style

I think it more a sense of fair play. And thank you.

Damn sure is, It's jUst that most people would say more generic things like just having a man rape him. Which is equal dOing, but then again, when you rape someone you should have far worse consequences than simply receiving the same treatment. And you're welcome :)

so sad


if i were you if he escape prison term then i will pay to put him down so no other women will expereince the way you do and much better to see him die than to abused other woman and rape everyone else he knows.

Im so sorry. Rape is always a ****** up situation, and even more ****** up when its someone who's extremely close to you. I hope he'll get whats coming to him.

Well......****** sex....i'm ok with it....rape? Not in a milion years....that is wrong however you look at it

Im so sorry

this is hard to read, because i to was raped by my older brother and my cousin repeatedly,over a 100 times! it hard to know how badly your mom took the news! I want to tell my mom but I"m afraid she will fall into her old habits again, she is a recovering drug addict. Did it make you feel better to tell your mom? I'm struggle with whether or not i should tell her. The rapes took place over 4 years and they happened continuously. Is it worth tell my mom? or did it make things worse for you?

rapes is bad but sex just like ****** then it means you agree with it but if repeatedly rape ny your brother or cousin then you should report this abuse no matter it will affect your mom,what if you will be pregnant who will be responsible for you?some really happen like those who practice ****** but rapes is different and ita a crime.

Rape and ****** are just as bad as each other, they are both illegal.

Sorry about what happen


My brother raped me numerous times when we were kids, I had repressed the memories but recently remembered them when my fiance said something that he said to me about 10 years ago before doing it. I can't get the memories out of my head and I feel like if I try to forget it again I might be able to but I just don't know when.

And people wonder why I hate so much...If I could, I would ask you to bring him to me. Lay him at my feet. The Hell he would would wind up in would be Heavan in comparison.

im so sorry to hear that ,i can understand how uncompfortable that is for u.keepur head up

He should be made accoun table for what he has done.Especially if he has shown no remorse.I hope you have had some sort of counciling to help you deal with it.Two evil acts ****** and rape.I come from a family with 10 children 4 girls and 6 boys and the thought of any sexual thing to do with my sisters never entered my head.I find it really yucky to even write that.Why he needs to be made accountable is this was not a one off thing it was repeatable.I don't go along with he may need help.He would have known it was wrong big time

dear does your mother still have a relationship with her son? <br />
do you ever worrie about your nieces or nephews? doesent your mother?<br />
it takes a really sick person to rape his own sister, what would stop him from doing this to his children

I appreciate all your comments and to update you a little on my story.......my mom and i have a beautiful relationship now, my brother and i barely speak, which is fine with me........i always believed what goes around comes around, he is really having a rough time with his own kids they are lashing out and being really disrepectful to him, i'd love to say i feel sorry for him, maybe if things would have been different , i could have but in a sick little way, i guess this is my justice<br />
<br />
as for me, i am doing ok, i have days i still think about it and it hurts bur for the most part i throw myself into my work and little prohects that keep me too busy to think about it<br />
<br />
as for anyone else out there going through the same things........be strong and know you are the true winner, you survived just as i have, it may not seem like it on some days, but be strong, hold your head up high and know you ARE someone and you ARE a good persn, the person who did the terrible things to yo are the real ones with problems<br />
<br />
thanks to all who have supported me and even though i may not be around much, prayers and hugs go out to all of you<br />
<br />
God Bless and take care!

wish both of you lots of luck. god bless. :)

peach it sounds at least like your mother believed you and it hurt her so bad she would attempt to take her own life. If this is the case then you have the love of your mom to help keep you strong. Those of us who have been victims of abuse look back and wonder what we did wrong, why we weren't strong enough. It never leaves us, we are left with fragments of hurt that surface when we least expect it. But you are doing the right thing by discussing it here where you can be anonymous and be supported by others with like experiences. (hug)

that hurts my heart, I have talked to a lot of women online that have stories of rape by family members. I can't imagine the pain and suffering your family feels. hope you both get and receive counseling.

I feel so sorry for you. your brother was a jerk for hurting you. have you ever thought of turning him in warring other women. you know he could rape again. i hope your healing<br />
your friend karla"lunnas"

A dear friend of mine had a similar experience. She first attempted to tell her mother and the mother said she didnt want to hear it. So she kept it to herself and bottled it up for many years. After a long time, she trusted me enough to tell me some of what happened. To this day, other than her mother, I am the only one who knows. I see how scarred she is because of what happened and I resent her family for protecting her brother and not taking care of her needs. Please know that inspite of what your brother did and how your family acted, you have friends who love you and care about you.

wat a perv.. what i would like to know is how were u "looking for it"? how does anyone look for getting raped bastards

Okay this ****** me off. What a perv. Your brother? I would disown him. It makes me wonder what the heck was he thinking or if he even had a brain. Anyhow, i'm really sorry you had to go through such a painful experience.

He might be battling the pain of what he done too. If not he needs help. Sorry that it happened to you.

Im with ZanderJGavin ... Wth kind of comment is that? Who gives a crap if he is in pain! *** him! Hellllllllooooo HE RAPED HER U MORON!