I Hate Him!!!

When I was fourteen I started dating this guy, he seemed nice and he was the type of guy everyone liked.  But soon after we hooked up he started to change.  He became controlling and emotional and mentally abusive.  The only reason I put up with it was because I was the only girl in my class without a boyfriend.  Which I know now is really stupid.  But at the time I was young and naive and stupid.  He started to tell me what to wear and who to talk to.  And it wasn't long before he was pressuring me to have sex.  I tried to telling him no and he would give me this "No means yes!" S***.  I got so sick of it  He would talk about it all the time and I would get mad and hang up on him or try to break it off with him.  But he would tell everyone a huge pack of lies about it to make look like the bad guy.  He came over to my house once and shoved a condom in my face and said, "This is a condom, this means we can have sex!"  I slammed the door in his face.  He told everyone I did it because I was manic depressive.  NO ONE MY WHOLE LIFE SAID I WAS MANIC DEPRESSIVE, EXCEPT HIM!  One day I was home alone and there was a knock at the door.  It was him and he forced his way in and held me down on the coach and tried to rape me!  I screamed and yelled and fought back.  I screamed NO and STOP to throat was sore.  All he would say was "NO MEANS YES!"  I was thankfully able to get him off me and ran into the bathroom and locked the door.  He followed me and banged on the door I told him to leave before I call the police.  He call me something I can't repeat and left!  No one around me believed me and I was told, "Oh he's a nice guy, he would never do anything that!"  I go so sick of it I packed up and moved 3 states away.  I will not go back.  Last I heard he got his fat *** thrown out of the Navy and spent time in prison for raping someone else, and is now a level three registered sex offender!  I just wish I could say to all those who didn't belive me back then F*** YOU!

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I'm glad to hear you have a loving and supportive family. <br />

I have I have a incredible loving husband and a we have a beautiful son. Life is good!

I hope you are able to regain what was lost from the abuse you endured. <br />
I wish you the best on your path to healing so as to allow yourself to experience a true loving relationship. <br />
Best Wishes<br />